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Pest Control Business Insurance

YES! We Write Pest Control Business Insurance.

As the owner of a pest control company, you know how important it is to ensure you carry out your job with precision. But mistakes do happen – many of them out of your control. From collisions involving your exterminator vehicle fleet to employee dishonesty on the job, your business could be one mishap away from a financial disaster. If your business is faced with a major liability or loss today, could you continue to operate your company despite the financial challenge? If you had complete pest control business insurance from Quoteasy, the answer would be “yes”.

All businesses carry some degree of risk; but pest control companies face distinct challenges specific to their industry. Just one incident, no matter how accidental, can incur tens of thousands of dollars in recovery costs – enough to bring business to a screeching halt. Exterminator business insurance is uniquely designed to absorb the risks of pest control companies, allowing them to continue doing business despite hiccups along the way.

What types of scenarios could cost you your business?

Imagine sending your exterminating crew out to a job site to take care of a pest problem. Despite safety protocol and thorough training, an accident happens, leading to a pesticide spill on a client’s property. The toxic chemicals require an extensive clean-up and put the health of bystanders at risk. The client sues your business for negligence, leading to expensive legal fees and a potential judgment or settlement. Could you afford the costs?

Or perhaps your employee returns from a client’s home after inspecting it for termites, only to report having lost the key. Later, the client’s home is broken into by your employee, leading to a lawsuit against your business. Could you afford to defend yourself?

Though these scenarios seem unlikely, they are just two of many possibilities pest control companies face on a daily basis. Here at Quoteasy, we provide individualized commercial insurance for pest control companies and exterminators. We know the types of risks our clients face on a daily basis, and we are there to provide a safety net against the unexpected. We offer many types of pest control business insurance coverage, including:

  • General liability – protection when others become injured or experience loss on your property or due to your services
  • Worker’s Compensation – required coverage that protects employees when they become injured on the job
  • Commercial property and equipment insurance – covers your equipment and property against covered events, such as fire or theft
  • Commercial auto insurance – protects you, your employees and other drivers when one of your business vehicles is involved in a collision
  • Umbrella Insurance – additional protection when you exhaust the financial limits on your commercial coverage
    If you are in need of pest control business insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us today for you free, no-obligation quote.

Why choose Quoteasy Insurance for your pest control business insurance needs?

We offer competitive rates on comprehensive policies that include coverage for your exterminator equipment, pollution liability, commercial auto coverage, general liability, and more.

We can meet the insurance needs of your pest control company regardless of how complicated they may be.
Insurance consultations and quotes are always free — it costs you nothing to find out just how affordable complete pest control business insurance can be.

Don’t wait. Contact a Quoteasy Insurance agent today for more information and to get started on your free Pest Control Business Insurance quote. We can’t wait to start saving you money!

Benefits of Using Our Agency

  • Your very own dedicated agent
  • We check each renewal for you for better pricing
  • We always answer the phone and never use an automated system when you call
  • Over 32 years of combined insurance experience