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Business Insurance

If the fire department calls at 2 a.m. to let you know your restaurant is on fire, are you sure that you would be able to reopen your doors and rebuild? If an employee is severely injured on the job, would worker’s compensation cover his medical bills and lost wages? If you have business insurance from Quoteasy, you could confidently answer yes to each of these questions.

At Quoteasy Insurance, we know how difficult it can be to recover from financially draining events. One lawsuit or a property fire could be enough to force your business into bankruptcy without the right commercial insurance coverage. We offer free quotes for policies that are designed specifically with business owners in mind, including protection for:

Judgments and Lawsuits

Businesses are targets for lawsuits of all kinds. Everyone from customers to employees are waiting to sue you for any kind of injuries or losses they suffer at your expense. Every day that you open your doors for business is a risk. Without the right commercial insurance, everything you’ve worked so hard to build could be destroyed with one judgment.

Property Damage

Like your home, your place of business needs to be protected against fire, vandalism, and structural damage. Business insurance is designed to repair and replace your property – including your business equipment and inventory.

Loss of Income

As a business owner, you only make money when your business has customers. If perilous weather or other covered circumstances force you to temporarily close your doors for repairs, commercial insurance can cover your loss of profits.

Why choose Quoteasy for your commercial insurance needs?

  • We can identify with business owners because we, ourselves, are a business
  • We know how to pinpoint vulnerabilities in existing business insurance policies and fill in gaps in coverage
  • We can build a benefits package that will uphold your standard of living, as well as protect your employees and customers -- all at a price you can afford

To get started on your free commercial insurance quote today, complete the simple savings form on this page. We look forward to helping meet your coverage needs!

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