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Restaurant Insurance

YES! We Write Restaurant Insurance.

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and requires you to constantly be on top of your game. You have employees to manage, a kitchen to keep pristinely clean, and patrons to satisfy – all while attempting to return a sizeable profit. While it may be tempting to cut your overhead costs by choosing a cut-rate restaurant insurance policy, doing so could spell doom for the future of your business. Turn to Quoteasy Insurance for affordable food service insurance that is second to none.

Imagine one of your customers being served one too many beers on his 21st birthday, only to leave and become injured in a car accident. Would your pub insurance cover your liability expenses? Or perhaps a family is served undercooked chicken in your restaurant, causing food poisoning. Would your diner insurance help pay the medical bills?

Unfortunately, these types of scenarios happen every day in the food industry, and they could happen to you too. Without the right restaurant insurance, you could be putting the future of your restaurant at risk. Turn to Quoteasy, the trusted name in food service insurance. We offer the following types of coverage:

Restaurant insurance and diner insurance
You may need restaurant insurance or diner insurance if you operate a stationary food service. From the 5-star restaurants to 24-hour roadside diners, Quoteasy has coverage to protect your investment.

Bar insurance, tavern insurance, and pub insurance
Tavern insurance and pub insurance are for bar owners who primarily serve their patrons alcoholic beverages. Our bar insurance adds liquor liability coverage to protect your business from potential alcohol-related risks.

At Quoteasy Insurance, we offer affordable, all-in-one food service insurance policies that help our clients keep more of the money they work so hard to earn. We roll in multiple features specific to the restaurant industry that close coverage gaps often left open by standard business insurance.

Our Restaurant Insurance and Bar Insurance includes coverage for:

  • Property and structural damage
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Loss of wages

Don’t wait until a fire burns your restaurant down to find out if you have insurance that will replace your income. Contact Quoteasy for an evaluation of your existing coverage as well as a no-risk quote.


Why choose Quoteasy for your Tavern or Restaurant Insurance?

  • We make it easy to keep track of your coverage by offering an all-in-one restaurant or bar insurance policy
  • Our coverage goes beyond the standards of traditional business insurance, supporting you during specific perils associated with the operation of restaurants and bars

Don’t serve another beer or let your chef plate another customer’s food without getting your free, no-obligation quote from Quoteasy Insurance. Complete the simple quote form on this page to get started today!

Restaurant Insurance

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