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How to Select the Best Business Insurance for Your Company

If you are starting a new business, a vital action is to ensure you purchase business insurance that suits your enterprise. Having proper coverage for your business could protect your personal assets from liability associated with business debts and keep your business afloat when unexpected situations arise. The types of insurance that your business will need may include general liability insurance, product liability insurance, professional...

Dealer Risk Management (Part Six)

Three's A Crowd A dealership had a customer who totaled her car, which was still being financed. Upon learning from her insurer that a claim check was on the way, the dealership allowed her to drive home in another vehicle, which they planned to sell her after receiving the claim check on the first car.   After taking the vehicle home, the woman loaned it...

New Rideshare Insurance Options in Florida

Do you drive for Uber or Lyft and need that hard to find Rideshare Insurance coverage? Rideshare Insurance coverage is now more affordable in Florida. We now have two companies writing Rideshare Coverage in Florida, Foremost Insurance and now Infinity Insurance. These two companies have made Rideshare Insurance coverage more affordable for Uber and Lyft drivers in Florida. If you are looking for and need Rideshare...

Making It Easy For Rideshare Drivers To Have Seamless Coverage

Generally, a personal auto insurance policy isn't designed to provide you with coverage when you are working as a Rideshare driver for companies like Uber or Lyft. Foremost Auto offers a coverage option designed for drivers like you. Their Rideshare coverage option is available in Florida. Call us today to find out more. Foremost Auto Rideshare Coverage With the Foremost Auto Rideshare coverage option you...

What is Covered with Foremost Rideshare Coverage?

Background Rideshare drivers are unlike taxi or limousine drivers, which are traditional livery. Rideshare drivers are non-commercial drivers using their personal vehicle to transport passengers for compensation. Ridesharing is gaining in popularity, with an estimated number of over 500,000 drivers in 2015. What is covered when Rideshare is selected If the vehicle use is designated as a Business-Rideshare, then Foremost Auto coverage will be provided...

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