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Landscaping Business Insurance Quote

Landscaping Business Insurance

YES! We Write Landscaping Business Insurance. 

As the hard-working owner of a lawn care business, you know that your income is only as reliable as your equipment, tools, and employees. If your gear is stolen or someone suffers an injury in connection with your business and its services, you could be on the hook for the ensuing medical bills and court costs. Could your business survive such a disaster? If you had the right landscapers insurance coverage, the answer would be “yes.”

What is Landscaping Insurance?

Landscaping insurance is coverage specifically designed to minimize the risks of lawn care and landscaping companies. Accidents happen every day in these types of businesses – no one is immune. A single lawsuit can deal a severe blow to a small business, resulting in high defense fees, settlement and judgment costs, and lost wages for time spent in court. Landscapers insurance covers all of these expenses, allowing business owners to continue serving customers regardless of the costs.

Here at Quoteasy Insurance, we know that landscapers need someone looking out for their bottom line. You can count on us to protect your business from routine risks you face every day.

You may benefit from Landscaping Insurance coverage if your business:

  • Installs lawns, trees, plants, and gardens
  • Provides ongoing lawn maintenance
  • Develop and install structures for landscaping purposes (i.e. decks, water features, retaining walls)

We can help you find commercial insurance coverage that provides you with liability protection, workers compensation, and general coverage for your business equipment and structure. We can also extend additional protections specific to the landscaping industry, such as commercial auto insurance for each of your company vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and dump trucks.

If you are a lawn care provider, tree trimmer, irrigator, or work in some other aspect of the landscaping industry, we invite you to contact Quoteasy for a free, no-obligation insurance quote today.

Why choose Quoteasy Insurance for your company’s Landscape Business Insurance needs?
  • We are an independent agency, offering competitive rates and access to coverage from multiple leading insurance companies throughout the state
  • Our Landscaping Business Insurance helps you lower your risk, which can translate to lower operating costs and greater long-term profits

For more information about landscaping insurance options available from Quoteasy Insurance, contact one of our friendly agents for a free quote today.

Landscaping Business Insurance

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