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Health insurance has been thrust into the national spotlight in recent years because of the 46 million Americans who live each day without coverage. Many believe they cannot afford it, while others believe they will never need to file a claim. But the truth is that no one knows when unexpected medical bills will pop up. Don’t live in uncertainty when you could have peace of mind that comes with knowing your healthcare insurance has you covered no matter what comes your way.

Every day that you go without health care insurance is a risk to both your health and your finances. Some doctors and hospitals will not treat a patient who is uninsured and unable to pay their bills in full prior to treatment. Imagine needing an emergency operation and being denied treatment because you cannot pay.

Foregoing health insurance can have an overwhelmingly destructive effect on your financial future too. Millions of people have gone bankrupt thanks to unforeseen medical bills not covered by health care insurance. Imagine all of the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire auctioned off and liquidated before your eyes. This is the reality for many people who have passed on health insurance only to be involved in a major car accident or suffer an unexpected serious illness.

At Quoteasy, we know that everyone has different coverage needs. That is why we offer access to many types of health care insurance – from major medical protection to comprehensive benefits. We can help you decide which health insurance plan is right for you and provide you with quotes from many of Florida’s leading health insurance companies.  Some of our coverage options include:

  • Major medical plans (conventional coverage) – covers most types of medical expenses at all healthcare facilities and doctor offices, usually with greater benefits for contracted providers
  • Surgical plans – more affordable than conventional coverage; benefits limited to major health events, such as surgery
  • HMO plans – more affordable than conventional coverage; benefits typically limited to contracted providers with the exception of emergencies
  • Indemnity plans – fixed cash benefit for specific medical circumstances, such as hospitalization
  • Dread disease plans – covers medical expenses related to a specific disease, such as cancer or heart disease

Why gamble with your family’s health and financial security? The cost of healthcare insurance pales in comparison to the tens of thousands of dollars a hospital stay or major surgery could cost – not to mention the cost of ongoing treatment for a chronic illness. Let Quoteasy find you a policy that fits your family’s healthcare needs and budget. Since 2004, we have been helping Florida residents find healthcare insurance, and we want to help you too. Don’t wait any longer to get the coverage you deserve! Complete the free, no-obligation form on this page today.


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