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Rental Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance Information

Apartment Owners Insurance

As an apartment owner and landlord, your goal is to provide housing to tenants at a profit. The purchase and management of your property is an investment in your financial future and is designed to provide you with a steady monthly income. But like all investments, owning an apartment is a risk. What would happen if your property were suddenly ruined and your tenants displaced? Would your current apartment building insurance have you covered?

Owning an apartment building or other rental property without adequate landlord insurance is a dicey gamble with chance. Several things threaten your property every day, such as perilous weather and fire. You never know when a storm will rip the roof off one of your buildings or an irresponsible renter will leave a candle burning, causing a fire. More than 2 million fires are reported every year in the U.S. alone – could your property be next?

The right apartment building insurance protects your investment when disaster strikes. At Quoteasy, we know that your property represents your income. Our rental property insurance policies are designed to help you replace both your property and your income no matter what comes your way. Whether you need to perform major repairs or rebuild from the ground up, our apartment owner's insurance will have you covered.

Our rental property insurance currently includes:

  • Apartment Owners Insurance – policies designed for multi-unit buildings
  • Condo Owners Insurance – policies designed for condo owners who lease their property to other tenants
  • Duplex Owners Insurance – policies designed for homes divided into two apartments

All of our rental property insurance policies work to protect you against structural damages, loss of income, and liability issues. From high winds and lightning strikes to falling trees and vandalism, Maxsurance landlord insurance will be there to foot the bill.

Why choose Quoteasy for your apartment building insurance coverage?

  • Duplex owner's insurance, condo owners insurance, and apartment owners insurance all offer excellent coverage at surprisingly affordable rates
  • Our quotes are free, and you are under no obligation to purchase
  • You never know when disaster could steal away your income and livelihood

If you are in the market for duplex owners insurance, condo owners insurance, or apartment owners insurance, don't wait another day to get the coverage you need. Complete the simple savings form on this page to get started on your free landlord insurance quote today.

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